Back Valley Ranch

All natural, free range, antibiotic and hormone free, organic quality, grass fed beef.

Back Valley Ranch

About Our Product

Natural Beef – 100% Grass-fed

We are proud to provide you and your family with 100% grass-fed beef from our Angus-Hereford crossbred steers.  At Back Valley Ranch, cattle graze on open grassland all summer and are finished on alfalfa pasture for four to six weeks in the fall/winter. We do not feed antibiotics or implant growth hormones.  Many of our customers have specifically requested 100% grass-fed beef, not only because it is healthier and more natural, but also because they prefer the taste and like extra lean beef.


A Typical 85 Pound Quarter May Include:

5 lbs. T-bone steaks
5 lbs. Sirloin steaks
5 lbs. Round steaks
8 lbs. Rib steaks

5 lbs. Sirloin tip roasts
5 lbs. Round roasts
5 lbs. Blade roasts
5 lbs. Cross-rib roasts

5 lbs. Blade steaks
5 lbs. Short ribs
22 lbs. Lean ground beef
10 lbs. Stewing beef


100% Canadian Certified Inspection!

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