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Back Valley Ranch

Pork for Sale

Back Valley Ranch Pork:

We are pleased to announce that we are now raising heritage pigs here at Back Valley Ranch. They are being fed on a diet of  alfalfa hay, grains and seasonally available fruits and vegetables. They have free run in a large outdoor enclosure where they can play in the mud and well, just be pigs….



We are offering sides of pork for the fall of 2019. Cost will be $4.75/lb for a hanging side of pork and the buyer pays the cut and wrap costs. This will make a side approx. $650- $750 with cut and wrap costs included. Everything will be custom cut for the customer.   Available Oct. 2019



The 25 lb pork pack is a standard assortment including:

large ham, pork chops, ground pork, bacon, roast(s), breakfast sausages, and often spare ribs

Cost of the 25 lb pork package is $250.00  Currently on sale (July 2019) for $225.00 while supplies last!


PORK ORGANS AND SOUP BONES (10 lb minimum order)

liver $3.00/lb Sold Out

heart $3.00/lb Sold Out

tongue $3.00/lb Sold Out

kidneys $3.00/lb  Sold Out

soup bones $3.00/lb Currently Available (July 2019)


E-mail [email protected] with any inquiries. Order early as we sell out quickly!